About Me

PHotographer in Italy on a Street Car

Alleah Erica Clarke. I am her. Since receiving my first pink Kodak 110 film camera from my step-father, I have been a lover of freezing time and memories. With his love of capturing beauty and moments with his own camera, my love for photography was nourished, nurtured, and supported. I eventually had to graduate to a better camera. No longer desiring the simple disposables, I wanted to keep my love for the life behind the lens. Receiving my first Nikon SLR in my freshman year of college, I became thirsty to keep evolving.

Today, one of my best investments have been my cameras. Looking back on the memories and I am grateful for the hundreds of thousands of photos I have taken over the years. I am grateful to be constantly learning new and amazing ways to capture the beauty in the moments. You are entering my world, and viewing the world from a perspective, unlike anyone. I am me and that’s what makes the journey you’re going to take that much more different.

I am a photographer. I am passionate. I am she behind the lens.